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Published:2016-11-03 Views:662

       In mid August, 2016, the expert group of Beijing New Jiyuan Certification Co., Ltd. conducted the certification audit on our quality management system (ISO9001), environmental health management system (ISO14001) and occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS18001). During the 3 days,from the design and development, process, technical services, and other aspects of the companys departments and relevant projects have been reviewed seriously and carefully, detailed exchanges between the group and company leaderships and audit departments about the operation of the system and valuable suggestions on inadequacies.
       The group highly appraised the effective operation and continuous improvement of the "three systems" of our company from the aspects of "Management Policy" and "System Continuance Operation", and unanimously agreed that the audit of the "three systems" passed smoothly.Our company sincerely appreciated the help experts group provided in the "three systems" certification audit and asked managerial staff to treat the issues and recommendations raised by thegroup seriously,to formulate corrective action and implementation plans timely, guided by the general manager, each department would be responsible for implementation and attempt to rectify and reform . We will seize the opportune moment to improve the management system constantly and actively promotequality, environment, occupational health and safety system continues to operate effectively.