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Warmly Welcome the State Intellectual Property Office to Our Company for Visiting and Researching

Published:2016-11-03 Views:699

In October 21, 2016, the director of the Mechanical invention examination department of State Intellectual Property Office, Mr. Guang Huo, lead his group took a visit and research in our company.


Accompanied by Mr.Runfeng Guo, General Manager of Airwren, Mr. Huo Guang and his group visited the major departments of the company and got a preliminary understanding of Airwrens overall corporate structure and intellectual property.


Subsequently, representatives of major departments of our company and the State Intellectual Property Office group had a depth communication on the companys technological innovation, intellectual property and other aspects. Mr. Guo briefly introduced the development of the company, the strategy of intellectual property rights and the major technological innovations. He also gave a detailed account of some difficulties encountered in the application, protection and management of intellectual property rights. Since the company establish, Airwren has set the protection and development of intellectual property in the first place of the development of enterprises , and vigorously promote the "technology patents, product standardization," and achieved gratifying results. Cumulative applications for more than 120 types of intellectual property rights, of which 23 were granted patents for inventions, the appearance of 5 patents, utility model of 6 patents, and software copyright of 7 patents. Hefei Airwren Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was also awarded as "Hefei intellectual property demonstration enterprises."